Why Brooke's Boutique? 

We are incredibly grateful for these kind words from our amazing customers and consignors. A big thank you to those who have shared their positive experiences with us! 

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 "For several years I have shopped and gotten to know Brooke’s Boutique. Not only have I grown to love them but have grown to trust them. Their professionalism, trust-worthiness and loyalty to the clients and customers are unlike many in their field. I live in Orange County, CA and there are many places to shop luxury items but I prefer to shop where not only I am a client/customer but part of a family and these ladies not only bring you into their family but see you as family! We have b the most fun and never have to worry about what they have sold to me. I will continue to be a loyal shopper and hope many more of you that are reading this review come and be part of our family as well!"

 -Anastasia W.


"I believe I need more than five sentences to describe the pleasure and joy it has been to have the opportunity to meet you and your amazing team. I feel that you inspire not just me but many women who see the type of individual that you are. Not just as a business woman, but as a genuine and sweet friend. Doing business with you has been an excellent experience. The environment you create within your business of family and community is more than anyone could ever want when they’re spending money while building friendships.

Getting to know you as a friend has been a great experience. I believe you are sincere and genuine, and that my friend is more than anyone could ever ask for.

I look forward to many more years of not just being your customer, but getting to cultivate our friendship even more."

-Laura G.


"I have been a customer of Brooke's Boutique for a few years now. I want to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent service I have consistently received from this boutique and working with Cecile and her staff. I have been impressed by their professionalism and dedication to help others purchase good quality merchandise without breaking the bank.

Cecile's commitment to me has always been top notch in answering my questions, reaching out to me and providing excellent customer service. Not only do I appreciate the high quality of her service she provides, but her passion for what she does by making the customer feel special. She takes pride in her work, and it reflects in every aspect of her business.

Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure my experience is positive and enjoyable. I look forward to continuing my support of their business in the future."

 -Renetta L.


"If you're looking for an individual that takes a personal interest in each one of her customers, look no further than Brooke Reynolds! Her vibrant personality and enthusiasm appropriately embody this vivacious young woman. For many, the client is only as good as the sales they bring; with Brooke, you gain a relationship with someone who is as compassionate as she is conscientious. She takes the time to learn about the person's preferences, tastes and values; as a result, she seems to scope and curate items that she knows that person will love!"

 -Natalie S.